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خشتێکی MathML بۆ دەستکاریکەری خشتی گوتێنبێرگی وۆردپرێس
پێداویستییەکان PHP 5.4+ وە WordPress 5.0+.

پەرەپێدان لەم کانگای گیت هاب:


MathML چییە ؟

Mathematical Markup Language is a mathematical markup language, an application of XML for describing mathematical notations and capturing both its structure and content. It aims at integrating mathematical formulae into World Wide Web pages and other documents.

The MathML block uses MathJax to render MathML formulas in the editor and on the front end of a website. MathJax ( is A JavaScript display engine for mathematics that works in all browsers.

بۆ تاقیکردنەوەی خشتی MathML و نووسینی فۆرموڵێک، بۆ نمونە :
\[x = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2a}\].

To test using math formulas inline, type an formula into a block of text, select it and hit the ‘M’ icon in the control bar. For example: \( \cos(θ+φ)=\cos(θ)\cos(φ)−\sin(θ)\sin(φ) \). Note: if you are copying and pasting formulas into the rich text editor, switching to HTML/code editor mode is less likely to reformat your pasted formula.

This plugin is compatible with the official AMP plugin by rendering amp-mathml on AMP pages.

یادداشتەکانی کارزانانە

  • Requires PHP 5.6+.
  • پێویست بە وۆردپرێسی وشانی ٥ بۆ سەرەوە
  • بۆ کێشەکان و داواکان بەخێربێن لە گیت هاب:

سکرین شۆتەکان

  • نمونەی زیادکردنی خشتێکی MathML


ئەم پێوەکراوە 1 بڵۆک دابین دەکات.

  • MathML block Display MathML formulas.


  1. زیادکراوە بە دامەزنێرەری زیادکراوە دامەزرێنە یان بە گەڕان بیدۆزەرەوە یانبارکردنی بەرگەی zip.
  2. چالاکكردنی ئه‌م پێوه‌کراوه‌
  3. سوودگرتن لە خشتی MathML


ئه‌یلول 22, 2023
I instaled and tried to use this plugin. I visits all provided urls by searching the documetation on how can i use the math formulas into the inline syntax that the plugin requires. Unfortunatelly i did not find anything usefull for a simple user, only for developers.
تشرینی یه‌كه‌م 12, 2022
It is an excellent plugin. I have been using it for 2 years and it has worked well for me. It had some bugs related to amp, for example, some arrays weren’t displaying properly but with this update, everything seems to be fixed. In good time they updated it. Thank you!!
تشرینی یه‌كه‌م 10, 2019
The best way I have found to write math formulas on the web. I just need to remember the LaTex syntax I haven’t used in 15 years!
ئایار 21, 2019
Really too greedy the MathJax js files are loaded everywhere, even outside the editor and pages, it makes the website too heavy, but it is very clean visually and very simple certainly one of the easiest to use!
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Tested up to 6.1.


  • Add AMP compatibility, props @westonruter. Leverages the amp-mathml component.


  • Make JavaScript translatable, take 2.


  • وەرگێڕانەکان باشتربکەن،جاڤاسکریپت وەربگێڕە
  • بەڕۆژکردنی تەواو پاکەتەکان


  • زیادکردنی پشتیوانی بۆ فۆرموڵەکانی نێوهێڵ.


  • وشانی سەرەتایی زیادکراوە