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What will you get installing our WordPress Popup maker plugin?

Surely you think of having a responsive Popup, so it will work the same way on computers, smartphones and all other devices used by the visitors.

Our Popup maker has the opportunity to control whether it opens with a click or without. You’ll be able to customize the style according to your preferences. Our Popup maker enables you to write shortcodes to add other elements from other WordPress plugins to this Popup maker plugin. You can have unlimited number of popups on your website and there can be different popups on different pages of your website. Pop up custom html and you add new opportunities to your WordPress modal. Other benefits are animations effects and you can have your favorite popup animation effect. And one more great thing! You control every single feature taking into account what you and your website visitors want! This Popup maker plugin is free for lifetime and comfortable for usage.

Now much more details about general description and styles. Reveal all the advantages and benefits of our Popup maker just now!

  • Show in all pages – you can control whether popup appears on all pages of the website. If no, then you can choose the exact pages.
  • Popup box content – as mentioned above, you’ll be able to add elements from another WordPress plugin and if you want so, you just have to puta Shortcode. Yes, it’s a shortcode popup plugin. Here are some of the elements you can have: Image popup, Countdown popup, HTML popup, Video popup, Subscription popup, Contact popup, Social popup, Iframe popup, Facebook page popup, Google map popup,Form popup. Anything can design your modal form or popup form. If you want to create something by yourself, then select Custom content and write.
  • Appear popup box when – popup box appears onclick or without a click.
  • Action button for open popup box – after clicking on which button the box will appear.
  • Popup box title – here you can write an attractive and interesting title for popup box.
  • Popup box description – here you can write the main text you want to transfer to your audience/website visitors/customers.
  • Width – is the total width of the box. You write the number in pixels.
  • Height – is the total height of the box. You write the number in pixels.
    So according to selected sizes you can have a full screen popup.
  • Autoclose from seconds – here you select in how many seconds the box closes automatically.
  • Show promoter every ‘X’ minutes – here you select after how many minutes the box will appear in order not to disturb the visitors in an uncontrolled way.
  • Delay opening (ms) – here you can select that popup box appears X milliseconds after the pages opens, not instantly.
  • Scroll from top (px) – popup box appears depending on the scroll volume.
  • Custom CSS – as mentioned above, put your code, add something new.
  • Box view theme – this is the overall appearance/template of your box.
  • Box background color – this is the color of template. Popup overlay has its separate color.
  • Popup box text color – this is the color of written text.
  • Popup box border size – you can select the thickness of the border in pixels.
  • Popup box border color – you can select the border color.
  • Popup box border radius – this for conveying curvature to the corners of the box.
  • Box show in effect – how the box will pop up.
  • Box show out effect – how the box will close.

You will be able to preview the changes before saving them.

What makes this modal popup unique? What this modal offers and what you can do is that

  1. You can have unlimited number of popups.
  2. You can have different popup boxes for different pages on one website.
  3. You can write your own codes and have html popup.
  4. You can write shortcodes to use features from other WordPress plugins as well.
  5. You can control how often, how and on which pages the popup box will appear.

All these points – with our popup builder. Display pop up with wordpress popup.

How important this wordpress popup can be nowadays in marketing world?

  • Lead is the most effective way to draw attention of your visitors/customers and we offer to do it in a professional way.
  • You don’t just put a text or image on your website, you make people read, see and become interested!
  • Popup boxes make businesses develop because they make people be aware, want and buy! They will like your product/service and there’s no second option.
  • You don’t want your visitors/customers to be disturbed on your website, right? We care about it! Control how popup box will appear – simply pop up ? after scrolling ? Onclick popup ?
  • Add Subscriptions, FB Likebox and much more options as you wish.
  • Just know one thing – this popup generator will help you sell more, have better statistics and content clients who are not disturbed by a boring modal window. Get your professional pop up ad creator with.

Why this one? What this Popup maker plugin will give you, your business or just your website?

  • Have the best type of online advertising using the best Popup maker plugin.
  • Have unlimited number of popups if visitors’ target groups of your different pages are different.
  • Get support related with our popup generator when needed.
  • We ensure that this pop maker will be updated as we constantly work on our popup maker plugin to make it much better and much easier to use.
  • We have created a great mix of features. Other plugins don’t have all these features, they just contain a few of them and will make your virtual environment less flexible.
  • Enjoy our Popup maker and be sure you did a favor to you!

Don’t forget, in case of any problems or upcoming questions feel free to contact us via e-mail info@ays-pro.com.


  • Popup Maker - front end popup contact form 7 preview
  • Popup Maker - dashboard popup options
  • Popup Maker - dashboard popup options
  • Popup Maker - dashboard popup options
  • Popup Maker - dashboard popup list table


There are two ways to install Popup Box: the easy way, when you install Popup Box from your WordPress dashboard, and the second way, when you install it from WordPress.org.

  • 1.1 The easiest way to enjoy Popup Box:
  • 1.1.1 Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • 1.1.2 Go to Plugins
  • 1.1.3 Add New
  • 1.1.4 Search for Popup Box
  • 1.1.5 Click to install
  • 1.2 The second way:
  • 1.2.1Download the zip file from https://wordpress.org/plugins/popup_box/
  • 1.2.2 Go to Plugins
  • 1.2.3 Add New
  • 1.2.4 Upload plugin
  • 1.2.5 Choose file ays popup_box.zip
  • 1.2.6 Click to install


ئه‌یلول 26, 2020
Отличный плагин! До этого перепробовал много других popup плагинов, но все конфликтовали со стилями темы, а этот простой и надежный! Great plugin! I've tried many other popup plugins before, but all conflicted with theme styles, and this one is simple and reliable!
ئایار 25, 2020
file path: admin/class-ays-pb-admin.php line 209 The <style> haven't close tag, that make error in my admin page.
حوزه‌یران 22, 2018
It is very easy to config, only copy paste. Feel free to contact us via e-mail and we will do our best for you
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  • Redesigned: the Popup content option


  • Added: Ability to mute answer sound on the front-end


*Fixed: Background gradient color option issue in live preview
*Fixed: Width option issue


*Added: Border style option
*Fixed: Header Background Color issue in Sale theme


*Fixed: Sale theme background image issue
*Fixed: Js error on the front-end
*Changed: Show title and Show description options are off by default


*Fixed: Red theme header background color issue
*Fixed: The Close button appearing delay option issue when two popups are active on one page
*Fixed: Hide close button option issue in live preview


*Added: Close button image option
*Updated: PRO features price list
*Updated: POT and PO files


*Fixed: Max-width for mobile option and Modern theme conflict


*Added: Close button size option
*Fixed: Header background color issue in Sale theme


*Fixed: Onclick Popup and “Close by clicking outside” options conflict
*Fixed: CSS script issue


*Fixed: Autoclose and Close by pressing ESC options conflict
*Fixed: Autoclose and Close by clicking outside the box options conflict


*Fixed: Ordering of the popup in the list table
*Fixed: Custom class issue
*Updated: PRO features price list


*Fixed: Conflict with full screen and close button position options in some themes
*Fixed: Conflict Hide timer option in live preview


*Fixed: Background Color issue in Windows XP Theme
*Fixed: Open full screen and Modern Theme Options conflict
*Fixed: Modern Theme issue in Live Preview


*Added:”Hide timer” option
*Fixed: Conflict with “Popup Maker” plugin
*Fixed: Conflict with “Elementor” plugin


*Added:”Open full screen” option


*Added:Opacity to Color Pickers
*Fixed:Styles color issue
*Fixed:Conflict with “Popup Maker” plugin


*Fixed:Media issue in “Custom HTML”
*Fixed:”Close popup by clicking outside the box” option issue


*Added:”Close popup by clicking outside the box” option


*Fixed: Close Popup by pressing “ESC” key issue


*Added: Popup box “Font Family” option
*Fixed: Popup box “Close Button” and “ESC” conflict


*Added: Popup box width by percentage option


*Fixed: “Command Prompt” theme border issue


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.5
  • Fixed: Some bugs in Live Preview


*Added: Close Popup by pressing ESC option

= 1.7.3=
* Added: Popup closing sound option in General settings


  • Added: Show on home page option
  • Added: Limitation users tab
  • Added: Export/Import submenu
  • Updated: PRO features price list


  • Fixed: Iframe loading issue in front-end


  • Fixed: Click selector element issue in front-end
  • Fixed: Screen options confirmation issue for Popupboxes list table
  • Fixed: Logged in users and Schedule the PopupBox options conflict
  • Changed: Publish / Unpublish Buttons


  • Added: Quick unpublish/publish linke in the list table
  • Fixed: Autoclose from seconds and Delay Opening issue
  • Fixed: Closing Overlay issue in front-end
  • Fixed: PopupBox position issue
  • Tested: Compatible up to 5.4.2


  • Fixed: Animation duration issue
  • Fixed: DB error in admin dashboard
  • Fixed: JS error in admin dashboard
  • Fixed: Font Family issue in front-end
  • Fixed: Border and Close Button Conflict
  • Fixed: Box header background color option issue
  • Fixed: Some style bugs related to select2 and date picker
  • Fixed: Close button and border size conflict in Modern Theme


  • Fixed: PopupBox Opening Issue in front-end
  • Fixed: Some style bugs in front-end
  • Updated: PRO features price list
  • Updated: POT and PO files


  • Fixed: Closing Overlay Issue
  • Fixed: “Close” button text in the live preview
  • Fixed: “Close” button position in the live preview


  • Added: Show PopupBox only once option


  • Fixed: Show promoter every ‘X’ minutes option issue
  • Fixed: Admin style tag issue


  • Added: Close Button Position on Container option
  • Updated: POT and PO files


  • Added: Close button text option
  • Added: PopupBox max-width for mobile option


  • Fixed: Opening video in PopupBox description issue


  • Added: Hide Popupbox on mobile option
  • Added: Confirm box when deleting the popup in the list table
  • Transfered: Action button for open PopupBox option to general settings
  • Updated: POT and PO files
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.4.1


  • Added: Animation speed option
  • Fixed: Autoclose from seconds and Scroll from top options conflict


  • Fixed: Overlay color and Text Color options conflict in Live Previw
  • Fixed: Appear PopupBox and Delay showing close button options conflict
  • Fixed: Some style bugs in front-end


  • Added: Reports submenu
  • Added: PopupBox Overlay color option
  • Fixed: CSS conflict with “Popup Builder” Plugin
  • Fixed: JS error in front-end


  • Added: General Settings submenu
  • Added: Enable PopupBox sound option
  • Fixed: Conflict with “Popup Builder” Plugin
  • Moved: Appear PopupBox option in General tab


  • Changed: Post type option
  • Removed: Popup box from dashboard settings menu
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.4


  • Added: Delay showing close button option
  • Fixed: Auto Close and Delay options conflict
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.4


  • Added: Pro Features submenu
  • Added: Schedule – Time Option
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.4


  • Changed: Show in all pages option
  • Added: Post type and Posts options
  • Fixed: Some front-end bugs


  • Added: Popup background gradient option


  • Fixed: JavaScript conflict in the admin dashboard


  • Added: Default images for Themes
  • Fixed: Color picker style issue
  • Fixed: Some front-end bugs


  • Added: Only for selected user roles option


  • Added: Custom class for PopupBox container option


  • Added: New option Schedule the PopupBox


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.3


  • Fixed: Duplicate issue
  • Fixed: Overlay issue


  • Added: New option Enabled for logged users
  • Added: New option Enabled for guests


  • Added: New theme Modern
  • Added: New theme Sale


  • Added: Background image option


  • Added: Duplicate popup function


  • Fixed: Enable overlay issue
  • Fixed: Short code in the posts issue


  • Added: New option Box header background color
  • Fixed: Red theme colors issue


  • Added: New option Hide close button
  • Added: New option disable auto close
  • Added: New color picker
  • Fixed: Red theme issue
  • Fixed: Update issue


  • Fixed: Small bugs


  • Fixed: Small bugs


  • Added: New tab Settings
  • Updated: Options structure
  • Added: Show title option
  • Added: Show description option


  • Added: New option Enable Overlay


  • Added: New theme


  • Updated: Dashboard style redesign


  • Added: Upgrade function when deactivating
  • Added: Apply button when adding a new popup box
  • Fixed: Box show out effect animation issue


  • Added: CSS sticky effect in live preview
  • Fixed: Popup Box out effect issue
  • Fixed: Screen shade in scroll and delay opening issue
  • Fixed: Two Popup on same page issue


  • Updated: Enable/Disable option checkbox style
  • Fixed: Popup Box out effect issue
  • Fixed: White space issue
  • Fixed: Custom CSS issue


  • Fixed: Default view issues in front-end


  • Added: Default Popup


  • Fixed: Click button issue
  • Fixed: Some bugs in front-end


  • Fixed: Close button issue
  • Fixed: Some bugs in front-end


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.2.1


  • Updated: Opportunity of adding photos in Custom HTML
  • Updated: Popup Box Description editor
  • Fixed: Some bugs connected with close button


  • Fixed: Some bugs in front-end templates
  • Fixed: Footer php issue
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.0.3


  • Fixed: Some bugs in front-end
  • Tested: Compatible up to: 5.0


  • Added: Tooltips for style options
  • Updated: POT file
  • Fixed: Some bugs in dashboard


  • Added: Popup Box open animation effects
  • Added: Popup Box close animation effects
  • Added: Popup Box live preview for themes in admin dashboard
  • Added: Show only selected pages option
  • Added: Popup Box open delay option
  • Added: Popup Box open after scroll from top option
  • Added: Appear PopupBox when option
  • Added: Action button for open PopupBox option
  • Added: Popup Box select content option
  • Added: Add Custom HTML option


  • Added: Popup Box view theme option
  • Added: Popup Box border color option
  • Added: Popup Box text color option
  • Added: Popup Box border size option
  • Added: Popup Box border radius option


  • Fixed: Admin dashboard issues


  • Fixed: Front-end issues


  • Fixed: Activation issue


  • Fixed: Issue with Popup Box display
  • Updated: Admin dashboard


  • Fixed: Admin dashboard issues

  • Added: Popup additional saving button


  • Fixed: Issue connected with shortcode
  • Fixed: Options save issue


  • Fixed: Activation issue


  • Added: Animation option for popup box animated show


  • Added: Option show in all pages
  • Fixed: Uninstall issue


  • Fixed: update plugin issue


  • Added: Multi popup ability


  • Make plugin translatable
  • Added: Russian Language Support
  • Added: enable/disable option


  • Tested: Compatible up to: 4.9.7
  • Fixed: box sizing bug
  • Optimized code: changed cookie checker type
  • Added: custom css option in dashboard


  • Added: autoclose timer


  • Added: responsive design
    Drag and Drop
    The image will be downloaded