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Starter Templates — Elementor, WordPress & Beaver Builder Templates

Starter Templates — Elementor, WordPress & Beaver Builder Templates


Starter Templates: AI Website Builder and Elementor Templates

The future of website creation is here! With Starter Templates, you can create professional-looking websites in just minutes, powered by AI.

Leverage the Starter Templates AI website builder to generate websites with:

  • Stunning designs
  • All relevant sections and pages
  • High quality stock images to help engage visitors
  • Compelling website copy tailored to your business
  • Extensive customization options

Say goodbye to spending days or weeks designing and building a website. With Starter Templates, you can build websites faster than ever with AI.

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★ WordPress AI website builder
★ Built-in AI assistant
★ Fast and easy to use
★ Large library of Elementor templates
★ Hundreds of WordPress block editor (Gutenberg) templates
★ 200+ Sections and block patterns
★ Supported page builders: Spectra, Elementor, Beaver Builder, WordPress editor
★ Fully customizable websites

How Does Starter Template AI Website Builder Work?

Starter Templates integrates with ZipWP, our amazing AI website building platform. It takes care of everything for you, from design to content generation.

Let AI do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your ideas!

Our mission is to unlock the power of the internet for small businesses. Creating a website shouldn’t be difficult, and growing a business on the internet shouldn’t be complicated.

With Starter Templates, you can create a stunning website in a matter of minutes. Simply describe your idea, and watch as a WordPress website is built before your eyes.

Want to create a lightweight website for your business that also looks exceptional?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Select the type of website you’re creating (portfolio, business site, landing page, or something else).
  2. Provide your business name.
  3. Describe your business. Use AI to refine your description prompt if you need to.
  4. The AI will suggest images based on your input. Select the images you want to use.
  5. Add your contact details and social media handles so people can interact.
  6. Choose the website structure from the options.
  7. Select any site features you need.
  8. The AI will generate a website in under 2 minutes.
  9. Customize your site as you see fit!

Whether you’re a beginner with no website building experience, or a seasoned web designer, Starter Templates has you covered.

All Features

Starter Template has all the essentials you need to create amazing websites!

AI Website Builder

Thanks to the power of AI, you can create your dream website effortlessly. Our AI analyzes your business description and goals, then selects the perfect design, generates professional copy, and curates visuals to match your brand.

No more wrestling with complex themes or plugins – just describe your idea and let AI do the rest!

Lightning Fast Websites

Starter Templates prioritizes speed and efficiency without compromising quality.

Here’s what sets us apart:

Optimized Code

Pages created with Starter Templates have efficient code, and are free from all unnecessary elements.

This translates to faster load times and a smoother user experience for visitors regardless of browser or device.

Realistic Templates

Starter Templates goes beyond stunning design. It delivers readymade website templates specifically crafted with your business in mind.

Launching an eCommerce store? We have a diverse selection of store templates to get you selling in no time.

Creating a business website? We have dozens of professional-quality designs ready for you to make your mark.

No matter your industry or niche, we have a template that perfectly aligns with your vision.

Classic Starter Templates

Whether you’re a small business owner, freelancer, or nonprofit organization, there’s a template that suits your needs. Templates are carefully crafted to provide a polished and attractive look for your website.

The cherry on top? Starter Template supports multiple page builders, including Elementor, Spectra, Gutenberg, and Beaver Builder.

You have the flexibility to customize your website your way.

Hundreds of Sections and Block Patterns

Want to customize your website to make it truly unique? Use sections and block patterns to add your personal style.

Available sections include:

  • Hero
  • Page Header
  • About
  • Services
  • Features
  • Contact
  • Why Choose Us
  • Call To Action
  • Portfolio
  • Gallery
  • Testimonials
  • Pricing
  • FAQ
  • Team
  • Statistics

AI-Integrated Adaptive Design Library

Personalize blocks and patterns to match your website style with the power of AI.

The design library within the Starter Templates plugin is integrated with AI and royalty-free image repositories. All elements come pre-populated with relevant text and images that you can easily customize to match your brand.

Elementor Templates

A fan of Elementor? Look no further! Starter Templates offers a vast collection of professionally designed Elementor templates.

You can effortlessly import entire websites crafted with Elementor, individual pages, or even specific blocks to enhance your site’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Then just drag, drop, customize, and launch your website!

Beaver Builder Templates

Explore the incredible library of professionally-designed Beaver Builder templates. Whether you’re building a complete website or just need some inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

You can save hours of design time compared to building your website from scratch!

WordPress Block Editor Templates

The WordPress block editor (formerly Gutenberg) is changing the game for website creation.

Building from scratch can be time-consuming. Fortunately, Starter Templates offers a vast library of readymade templates to ignite your website’s potential.

AI Assistant for WordPress

Our AI Assistant works in a similar way to ChatGPT but is specifically tailored for WordPress.

With just a click of a button, you can use the power of artificial intelligence to help write copy for landing pages, proofread blog posts, translate content into different languages, generate custom HTML and CSS codes, and much more!

Royalty-Free Images

The Starter Templates plugin offers seamless integration with leading royalty-free image repositories such as Pexels and Unsplash.

You have access to millions of top-tier images within your WordPress dashboard. Simply search for the image you need and select it.

Training Videos

As the saying goes, “Give someone a fish, and they will eat for a day; teach them how to fish, and they will eat for a lifetime.”

Embracing this philosophy, we offer a range of comprehensive training videos designed to complement our templates. They provide the knowledge and skills necessary to build, launch, and maintain your website.

Types of Websites You Can Create

Starter Templates is perfect for building websites for:

✔ Personal branding
✔ Restaurants
✔ Service providers
✔ Nonprofits and charities
✔ Events
✔ Startups
✔ Local businesses
✔ Wellness businesses
✔ Landing pages
✔ Lead generation websites
✔ eCommerce stores
✔ Blogs
✔ Manufacturing businesses
✔ Any other type of WordPress website

There’s no limit to what you can create!

Please note: To access templates and AI features, you’ll need a ZipWP account. ZipWP platform. Signing up is quick, easy, and 100% free.

Fun Facts About Starter Templates

➜ Over 5,000 websites are built with Starter Templates every day.
➜ The plugin has been installed on more than 1.6 million websites.
➜ Starter Templates has more than 4,000 five-star reviews.
➜ Our team of dedicated full-time WordPress experts help and support hundreds of users daily.
➜ A devoted team full-time designers keep the design library up to date.
➜ Our plugin offers more than 100 free Elementor templates.
➜ You can import a complete website, individual page, or section of a page in seconds.
➜ We support 3 page builders: Spectra, Elementor, and Beaver Builder as well as the WordPress editor
➜ “eCommerce” is the most searched keyword in our library.

The Starter Templates Plugin Works With…

➜ Astra Theme
➜ Spectra website builder
➜ WordPress block editor/Gutenberg
➜ Elementor page builder
➜ Beaver Builder
➜ WooCommerce
➜ WPForms
➜ Sitekit

سکرین شۆتەکان

  • AI Website Builder – Starter Templates has been integrated with ZipWP – our innovative AI Website Builder to make building websites super easy.
  • Unlimited Customizations – Enjoy complete control of your website content and layout. Change colors, fonts, add images, create and add new patterns and pages.
  • Hundreds of Templates – Choose from over 200 diverse designs to build your dream website in minutes. Whether it’s eCommerce, Business, Portfolio, or any niche, find the perfect template tailored to your vision.
  • Limitless Customizations- Explore fonts and colors with a simple click. Effortlessly change images add new patterns/pages.
  • Design Library – No more starting from scratch, no more design roadblocks. Jumpstart your designs with any of our professionally designed pages and patterns templates.
  • Use the power of AI with a single click to write copy, proofread, translate content into different languages. Adjust content length and tone seamlessly for maximum appeal.


ئەم پێوەکراوە 1 بڵۆک دابین دەکات.

  • Spectra AI


Why Is this awesome plugin free?

Free is always the best price. We offer Starter Templates for free to showcase what our team is capable of. It’s also good business.

If you have a positive experience with Starter Templates, you might be tempted by the extra features included in premium versions of ZipWP, the Astra WordPress theme and other products we produce.

We’re not afraid to prove our worth and offering a plugin for free is a great way to do that.

Which theme Is used by the AI website builder?

Starter Templates, uses the Astra theme. It’s the world’s most popular WordPress theme with millions of users. Since Starter Templates and Astra are developed by the same company, we can control their development plans to make the AI website builder work perfectly every time.

What kind of customizations can I make to an AI generated website?

Once your website is generated, you have complete control over its content and layout. You can customize it as you would any other website, including changing colors, text, adding images, and creating new sections and pages.


ته‌مموز 24, 2024
With a lot of the plugins for WordPress and templates, the developers don’t think that some people may struggle to understand how to use their plugins and templates. However, with the Elementor’s “Start Template” it’s the best I’ve discovered yet. And if you’re a beginner, the starter template will (no doubt) help you build an amazing site. It’s easy to use and understand, and I HIGHLY recommend trying it out for yourself.
ته‌مموز 23, 2024
It was a great experience even the freemium version. Like I said it, is easy to install and easy to use. The video tutorial it’s so understanding.
ته‌مموز 23, 2024
Für Anfänger eine ganz große Orientierungshilfe! Its a great help for beginners and “converters” ! 🙂
ته‌مموز 22, 2024
I liked the wide range of templates, organized by type of website. It is easy to get overwhelmed! I found a great free template. Then, I decided to upgrade to the Elementor pro version because of usability. However, the free version of the plugin and free templates got me started.
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Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.


v4.3.9 – 25-July-2024
– Improvement: Improved the UI/UX.
– Improvement: AI Builder – Better error message handling.
– Improvement: AI Builder – Added new icon for the ecommerce feature.
– Improvement: Improved the way Starter Templates translate strings in the script.
– Fix: AI Builder – Fixed an issue where the template preview designs were showing ternary operation results as HTML.
– Fix: AI Builder – Required plugins data was incorrect on the Elementor templates screen.
– Fix: AI Builder – Social icons title was not translation-ready.
– Fix: AI Builder – Fixed an issue where the import process was failing after changing the site language.
– Fix: Resolved a fatal error encountered with the Ghost Kit plugin.

v4.3.8 – 16-July-2024
– New: AI Builder – Added script translation with a filter to update the text domain for script translation.
– Improvement: ZipAI – Added WordPress 6.6 compatibility.
– Improvement: Hardcoded index are made dynamic.
– Fix: AI Builder – Premium badge was not showing for Premium templates.
– Fix: Footer widgets was not getting imported for AI & Classic templates.

v4.3.7 – 09-July-2024
– New:
– Added NPS Survey.
– Improvements:
– Updated “What’s New” library.
– Enhanced sidebar for classic editor to align with AI Builder.
– Updated pre-import screen for classic templates.
– Standardized text-domain to “astra-aites” for all libraries.
– Refreshed font pairs.
– Removed duplicate code.
– Fix:
– Upload logo and selected color pallete was not getting imported for FSE.
– Design Kit – Business category now pre-fills correctly during onboarding.
– AI Builder – Business name now resets after clicking “Start Over.”
– AI Builder – “Resume Session” popup no longer appears after site creation.
– AI Builder – Business type now pre-fills correctly when site is created from ZipWP platform.
– AI Builder – Hover color for accent color is now a CSS variable.
– AI Builder – Correct icon now appears for the Contact Form feature.

v4.3.6 – 04-July-2024
– Fix: AI Builder – Resolved an issue preventing users from continuing to the next step if the business type input was entered manually.
– Fix: Design Kit – Resolved an issue where adding social media URLs caused an error when proceeding to the next step.

v4.3.5 – 02-July-2024
– New
– Design Kit – Added a page preview feature along with other page options.
– Design Kit – Introduced error boundaries for better error management.
– Improvement
– Design Kit – Introduced a new “Favorites” tab, separated from Patterns, Pages, and Kits.
– Design Kit – Added clickable navigation in the sidebar, allowing users to jump to previous steps.
– Design Kit – Disabled live preview and other actions while inserting the kit into a page.
– Design Kit – Improved UI/UX for a better user experience.
– Design Kit – Enhanced error handling during the import process.
– Design Kit – Added an admin notice for missing file permissions.
– Design Kit – Removed validation for the mobile field in AI onboarding.
– Design Kit – Added a loader while inserting the block.
– AI Builder – Added ZipWP new features icon support.
– AI Builder – Added a filter to disable the Premium Badge for templates.
– Fix
– Design Kit – Fixed console error causing a blank screen in GT AI onboarding if already prefilled.
– Design Kit – Resolved an issue where the Design Library button was not displayed in the Spectra One theme editor when the Gutenberg Plugin was activated.
– Design Kit – Fixed a console error that occurred on the screen of the image when AI data was prefilled.
– Design Kit – Addressed a blank screen issue when accessing the “Design Library” on Bedrock-powered sites.
– Design Kit – Fixed option ‘ast-block-templates_data-‘ not getting deleted after importing the site template.
– Design Kit – Prevented adding a block to a new page after Spectra installation.
– Design Kit – Fixed shuffling of images when changing the orientation multiple times.
– Design Kit – Fixed AI-generated business description response count not working as expected.
– Design Kit – Fixed issue with authentication redirection.
– AI Builder – Made compulsory features enabled by default and non-clickable.
– AI Builder – UI improvements.
– AI Builder – Fixed acceptance of incorrect input in the email field.
– AI Builder – Ensured the “site creation limit exceeded” popup is displayed correctly.

v4.3.4 – 24-June-2024
– Chore: AI-Builder – Included build files.
– Improvement: AI-Builder – Added ability to skip the Features screen using a filter.
– Improvement: AI-Builder – Improved UI/UX.
– Fix: AI-Builder – Site creation limit exceeded popup was not displaying.
– Fix: AI-Builder – Removed irrelevant error messages from logs during import failures.

v4.3.3 – 12-June-2024
– Improvement: AI Builder – Error Boundary Screen in case of unexpected errors.
– Improvement: AI Builder – Removed phone validations to match this phone format – Ex: +1 (888) SIXT-CAR (749-8227)
– Improvement: ZipWP Images – Updated preview screen for better UX.
– Fix: AI Builder – Better handling of console errors due to missing URLs in Image object from ZipWP images API.
– Fix: Design Kit – Fixed a console error in Gutenberg Templates library due to missing URLs for author and engine for placeholder images.
– Fix: Resolved PHP 8.2 deprecated notice related to the creation of dynamic properties.
– Fix: ZipWP Images – “Select” of media library was not showing in the customiser preview.

v4.3.2 – 11-June-2024
– Fix: Fixed an issue where the search functionality in the Elementor editor was not working.

v4.3.1 – 06-June-2024
– Improvement: Added logging for import failures with a user alert for log details, warning that retries will exhaust AI site attempts.
– Improvement: Prefill websites based on the previous site creation.
– Fix: Resolved issue causing infinite skeleton loading for the classic template library.
– Fix: Resolved blog posts throwing 404 errors.
– Fix: Fixed an error when using the Spectra One theme and Starter Templates to import websites with ZipAI.
– Fix: The title for the Description step does not change for exceptional cases.
– Fix: Design Kit – Resolved Console error for undefined images.

v4.3.0 – 04-June-2024
– New: What’s New – Ability to see the new updates for Starter Templates plugin in the form of feed.
– New: Free Images – Added all new library for Free Images with new free image search engines like Pexels and Pixabay.
– Improvement: Added Admin Notice if Required XML Reader Class Not Found.
– Improvement: Consistent UI Changes for AI Builder.
– Improvement: UI – Improved the tooltip UI.
– Fix: Classic Templates Not Showing for New Sites During Sync.
– Fix: AI Builder – Fixed an issue with inconsistent font sizes and line height in the onboarding process.

v4.2.6 – 27-May-2024
– Improvement: AI Builder – Added a pre-installation confirmation modal before building the site.
– Fix: Fixed a redirection issue with the “Try the New AI Builder” button on Starter Templates dashboard.
– Fix: Corrected template listing for the Spectra One theme.
– Fix: Fixed an issue where import failed for Beaver Builder templates.
– Fix: Addressed an issue where fonts, colors, and other settings were not applied after importing Elementor templates.

v4.2.5 – 21-May-2024
– Fix: Resolved an issue that caused plugin activation errors on multisite installations.
– Fix: Design Kit – The library not displaying on subdomain sites when the plugin is network activated.

v4.2.4 – 17-May-2024
– Improvement: Added a way to disable Classic Templates Importer.
– Fix: Fixed broken WP-CLI import process for classic templates.

v4.2.3 – 14-May-2024
– Fix: Fixed the error while importing the classic templates.

v4.2.2 – 10-May-2024
– Improvement: Better error handling.
– Improvement: Better preview for the color palette.
– Improvement: Better UX while selecting Starter Templates.
– Improvement: Improved the way Starter Templates stores JSON data while sync process to address memory issues.
– Improvement: AI Builder – Improved the user experience by blocking unwanted options while processing data on a particular step.
– Fix: Fixed an issue where the Starter Templates won’t get imported on an RTL website.
– Fix: Design Kit: Rectified an issue where the Template kit names went missing due to library update.
– Fix: AI Builder – Fixed an issue where the import would remain stuck at 98%.
– Fix: Made Starter Templates more secure while uploading SVG files.

v4.2.1 – 03-May-2024
– Fix: Fixed an incorrect type casting of a string on a popup for AI Builder.

v4.2.0 – 29-April-2024
– New: Added custom color palette selection option in AI Builder.
– New: Added “Features” screen to the Classic Builder onboarding.
– New: ‘Load More’ templates option in AI Builder.
– New: Design Kit – Added language compatibility for personalizing the AI copy.
– Improvement: Enhanced template search functionality.
– Improvement: Improved the way Starter Templates store JSON data during the import process to address memory issues.
– Improvement: Optimized and enhanced code for a better user experience.
– Improvement: User Interface improvements for the Template Kit library.
– Improvement: Design Kit – Improved responsive design and UX.
– Improvement: Classic Templates – Improved responsive design and UX.
– Improvement: Ability to edit the previous step of AI Onboarding by clicking on the sidebar.
– Improvement: Now, Upload images are available in a new tab within same screen.
– Fix: Resolved issue with import for RTL sites.
– Fix: Design Kit – Fixed an issue where the Design Kit button was not visible on an FSE-based theme.
– Fix: Design Kit – Fixed an issue where the line height of the Design Kit templates appeared messed up.
– Fix: Design Kit – Fixed a fatal error caused by unavailable error_log related libraries on the user’s server.

v4.1.7 – 22-April-2024
– Improvement: Hardened the security of the plugin.

v4.1.6 – 09-April-2024
– Fix: Resolved issue with Media library not functioning properly.

v4.1.5 – 08-April-2024
– Improvement: Streamlined the Gutenberg Templates library structure to reduce resource consumption.

v4.1.4 – 01-April-2024
– Fix: AI image replacement batch was inadvertently functioning for Classic editor templates.
– Fix: Displaying “Download images fail” message when no images are selected during onboarding.

v4.1.3 – 28-March-2024
– Fix: Resolved import process getting stuck due to resource limitations on certain hosts.

v4.1.2 – 25-March-2024
– Improvement: Added WordPress 6.5 compatibility.

v4.1.1 – 20-March-2024
– Fix: Import process was getting stuck after activating the plugin required for selected feature.

v4.1.0 – 19-March-2024
– New: Introduced local language support in AI building.
– New: Added an upload image feature when selecting images for your site.
– Improvement: Enhanced AI building for a better user experience.
– Improvement: Consolidated Logo, Font, and Color Palette support into one screen on the Classic Builder.
– Improvement: Enhanced and optimised code for an improved user experience.

v4.0.13 – 21-February-2024
– Fix: Resolved an issue where the AI description won’t get generated on WordPress.com sites.

v4.0.12 – 12-February-2024
– Fix: Resolved an issue where the Template Kit button was not visible due to mismatched business categories.

v4.0.11 – 10-February-2024
– Fix: Resolved an issue where the import process stayed stuck at 95% with AI Website Builder.

v4.0.10 – 07-February-2024
– Fix: Resolved an issue where the Template Kit button was not visible.

v4.0.9 – 05-February-2024
– Fix: Resolved an issue where the category was not assigned after import.

v4.0.8 – 01-February-2024
– Improvement: AI Website Builder – Ability to create a site with desired features like Donations, Automation, Sales Funnels Video Player, etc for the website.

v4.0.7 – 29-January-2024
– Fix: Resolved an issue where the Premium Template Kits won’t get imported.

v4.0.6 – 25-January-2024
– Improvement: Enhanced user experience by providing informative error messages for better troubleshooting.

v4.0.5 – 23-January-2024
– Improvement: Added Flexbox Container compatibility for Elementor templates.

v4.0.4 – 22-January-2024
– Fix: Fixed the fatal error issue that would occur after Spectra v2.12.0.

v4.0.3 – 17-January-2024
– Fix: Fixed an issue where the import process was breaking for AI websites.
– Fix: Fixed an issue where the images won’t get reflected in search results as per the search keyword.

v4.0.2 – 15-January-2024
– Improvement: Added Flexbox Container compatibility in Elementor.
– Improvement: Added ability to resume back to last session while building AI website.
– Improvement: Better UX while using AI Website Builder.

v4.0.1 – 04-January-2024
– Fix: Fixed an issue where the CSS looked messed up after importing using AI Website Builder.

v4.0.0 – 03-January-2024
– New: AI Website Builder.
– Fix: Tightened the plugin security.

v3.5.7 – 30-December-2023
– Fix: Fixed Template Kit library conflict ( 503 Error ) with Gravity Form plugin.

Check out the detailed changelog here.