WordPress 2.8.6 نوێکردنەوەی زۆر پێویست

بەهۆی کەلێنیکی مەترسیدارەوە لەهەڵبژاردنی بارکردنی پەڕگەی ڕەنگاڵەدا، دەتوانرا کۆدی پەلامار بئاخنرێتە نێو وێنەکە یان پەرگە ڕەنگاڵەکەوە و پەلاماری پڕۆگرامۆکەی پێبدرێت. ئەمەش دەقی ئەو کەلێنەیە:

The vulnerability is based on a processing flaw that occurs when normalising the file names of blog post attachments. It allows attackers to disguise a PHP file as an image (for example vuln.php.jpg) and upload it without triggering the protective mechanism for blocking dangerous files in WordPress. Simply accessing the file in a browser (http://vulnerable-wp/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/test-vuln.php.jpg) subsequently allows the PHP code to be executed in the web server context.

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